Parent Company

Senga holding company is a corporation company that holds a controlling ownership interest in our other companies or the assets that those companies use. Typically, Senga holding company simply holds equity interests or assets, rather than actively engaging in business, such as selling goods or services. The companies under it are called operating companies or subsidiaries.

Centralized Control

We use Senga holding company to centralize control. We set up the holding company and designate himself as the sole owner. Each business is set up separately with the holding company as the owner. In this way, the Senga holding company is the central repository of the equity interests in those companies, and the we can select executive management for each company while retaining the ability to direct each entity.

Limiting Investment

Using Senga holding company also enables us to raise money and create partnerships for each individual entity without losing overarching control of the business conglomerate. An equity investor can invest in one of the companies under the holding company without interfering with any of the others.