As INFRACONS INVESTMENT a part of INFRACONS GROUP LTD, we invest to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit in the future, for example, investment on durable good such as real estate for service industry and factory for manufacturing product development, which are two common types for micro-economic output in modern economy. Investment on Research and Development occurs mainly on the innovation of consumer products.

We, as the contractor, provide engineering procurement, construction and commissioning only, without any investment on his side. This means that we will do the Project for its owner (and get paid for this) and the Project belongs to its owner (State or Private).

We can provide EPC as above plus FINANCING. This means that we can do the Project and finance the Project, under the following conditions, according its ownership (State or Private):
 State, Local Authorities or Public Utility Generator (PUG)
Equity shall be 15%, credit (financing) will be 85%
 Private Company Independent Power Producer (IPP)
Equity shall be 20-30% credit (financing) will be 70-80%

Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

We, as a Private Company, will cooperate with the State directly to do the project. The main point is the way of shoring the interest and risk between the two participants. Each one of the partners (State and Private) will offer in the project as per the 3P Agreement, financing included by our side.

4. BOO (BUILD-OWN-OPERATED / BOT (BUILD-OPERATE TRANSFER) Investment could be done under the following conditions:
 A Strong Local Partner:
• State, Local Authority or PUG, at a minimum of 15% in equity participation.
• Private Company or IPP of a 20%-30% in equity participation.
 A 20 years PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the State or the National Power Corporation