INFRACONS LTD is a Part of INFRACONS GROUP LTD which is focusing on the construction Projects. It’s a company involved in the Construction of projects such us the Road, Bridges, Stadium, Airport, Buildings, all type of Infrastructures and other Civil Engineering projects.


During the implementation phase, the contractor shall carry out direct measurement of the volumes of work effected and verify with the contractor invoice attachments.
If there are some discordances, the consultant shall advise the contractor appropriately and where ok, the consultant shall issue a certificate to invoice to the contractor and copy the same to the client.

Quality control:
During the implementation exercise, the consultant shall conduct a spot check to the material being used especially the mortar and concrete by batching.
Insitu quality tests shall be conducted like slump test, V-bee test, and other visual inspection tests to ensure quality is to standard.

Hydraulic installation:
The consultant shall verify the quality and type of materials supplied by the contractor regarding the hydraulic installations like pipes, sewers, toilet pans, showers, and so. Where stagnation occurs, the consultant shall order immediate remediation; where the appliances have defects, the consultant shall instruct immediate replacement.

Land scaping:
To have the site barrier free, the consultant shall ensure that the external area of the sites is all levelled to facilitate the easy movements of the occupants. It will be ensured that the landscaping exercise favors the beneficiaries by applying the rightful practical gradients for free movement either for wheel chaired staff or those leaping.


At the end of the works, the contractor shall carry out an evaluation of construction of all houses and issue a certificate to request for practical reception of works from the client by the contractor.

Transport and logistics:
The consultant shall conduct a needs assessment on the appropriate logistics required and the frequency of interventions.

Male architect at a construction site looking happy

Field inspector:
The consultant shall provide transport logistics to the inspectors; the proposed inspector transport means shall be motorcycles which shall be hired for the whole entire consultant period.
Each site shall be visited at least 3 times a week based on the placement of the sites since they are sparsely placed.

Computers and cameras:
The field Technician and the principle engineer shall be provided with computers (laptops) and digital cameras for report preparation.