The idea of creating Infracons started in Rwanda Kigali City in the year of 1996, around the year of 2008, one of the founders stared working with an international construction company in the West of Rwanda for Roads Projects, Infracons started to run project as a subcontractor company in 2012 and undertakes small size building projects and landscaping, and continued to grow by the time. Around the year of 2014, Infracons started to undertake bigger projects on the country competition and participated in public tenders. In 2016 the company did very well by demonstrating a high level of performance and delivering consistently high standards, on time and on budget, which led the company to start expanding its operations in other countries beyond Rwanda.

Infracons Group consists of professionals teams in the field of Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Environment, Energy, group of engineering and project development professionals whose professionalism is an asset for the performance of any task that can be assigned. Infracons Group is specialized in providing turn-key solutions in the construction industry. Client satisfaction has always been the ethos of our companies.

This is achieved by a combination of excellent service, finish quality, compliance with Health, Safety & Environment best practices and site rules, professional team, and excellent relationship with its Clients.
Working together as one team is a very rewarding experience in Infracons; it fosters creativity and open-minded that can allow the company to give unique and exceptional solutions while respecting the individuality of each and every member. Infracons is experienced in construction, we offer strategic coordination and consultancy in permitting, real estate analyses, feasibility studies, procurement, follow-ups, etc.
Infracons Group delivers high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, vendors, and partners. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.
Our Vision
To deliver quality turn-key projects and real estate development that meet and exceed international standards, with integrity and dependability.
Our Mission

To deliver high quality projects by supplying and delivering on schedule and on budget, and by employing all integrated and innovative services for construction with a motivated and professional team. Our values drive attention to detail while generating pride in every project that is undertaken and delivered.

Take ownership

We will act to find a solution

Motivated and professional

We are problem solvers

Safety and quality

We are constantly focused on production.

Accountable and responsible

We achieve results

Integrity and honesty

We will be respectful and fair to all of our clients

Commitment to success

We endeavor to exceed customer expectations


Above all else, we believe in being an ethical, dependable company that focuses on quality.


with our staff together with customers to deliver better solutions and collectively accomplish our goals