Work is part of everyone’s daily life and is crucial to a person’s dignity, well-being and development as a human being. Our personnel works in conditions in which people can work in freedom, safety and dignity. In short, economic development is not undertaken for its own sake but to improve the lives of human beings; international labor standards are respected.

Infracons Group Affiliate establishes and commits to clear standards.
Infracons Group Affiliate identifies and trains specific staff responsible for implementing workplace standards, and provides training to all head office and regional staff.
Infracons Group Affiliate obtains commitment and trains relevant supplier management on workplace standards and tracks effectiveness of supplier workforce training.

Infracons Group Affiliate ensures workers have access to functioning grievance mechanisms, which include multiple reporting channels of which at least one is confidential.
Infracons Group Affiliate conducts workplace standards compliance monitoring.
Infracons Group Affiliate collects, manages, and analyzes workplace standards compliance information.
Infracons Group Affiliate works with suppliers to remediate in a timely way and preventative manner.
Infracons Group Affiliate aligns planning and purchasing practices with commitment to workplace standards.
Infracons Group Affiliate identifies, researches, and engages with relevant labor non-governmental organizations, trade unions, and other civil society institutions.
Infracons Group Affiliate meets FLA verification and program requirements.

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