We employ a multi-faceted approach to the myriad issues facing urban and rural areas from the perspective of construction. We are deeply and extensively involved throughout the life of the construction projects in which we participate, from concept development, planning and design to construction supervision, operation and asset management. Among these projects, we particularly excel in the design of spaces where people gather, such as regional community centers and station facilities. We also handle management and consulting for large-scale projects to facilitate smooth project implementation during coordination with other fields. We leverage expertise we have gained through extensive experience with implementation projects in the construction sector to demonstrate exceptional technical skills in major projects involving many engineers, such as railroads, transport policies, landscape design, roads and rivers.

Each Planning & Design Office project is comprised of many components, which are all skillfully coordinated by our staff. Project Managers here at PLANNING & DESIGN OFFICE have decades of experience both public and private in delivering high quality solutions for the built environment.

Planning & Design Office’s staff is responsible for budgeting, scheduling, design and construction integrity and ensuring that the Company receives the highest quality facilities on time and in budget. We work to support high quality education and research and to enhance the experience of all who interact with the Company. We manage consultants and contractors and stipulate adherence to Company, AZ Board of Regents and industry standards and coordinate hundreds of different personnel and stakeholders.

Our employees are dedicated stewards of the Infracons Group physical environment. Our planners, architects and engineers guide company departments through the entire building process while providing comprehensive planning, design excellence, quality construction, exceptional service and a sustainable campus environment.

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